Burimari border from Kalyanpur by Manik Express BDT 800
– Travel tax and border expenses BDT 800
– Auto to Changrabandha junction and local bus from Changrabandha to Siliguri Rs. 90
– Tata sumo from Darjeeling Mor (Siliguri) to Darjeeling Rs. 150

We rented a Bullet 500 Royal Enfield for Rs. 1400 per day from Siliguri!

Bike rental details:
You can rent bikes from Siliguri. We took ours from ‘Darjeeling Riders’. You will get a couple of companies if you google ‘Siliguri Bike Rent’. They take online bookings too. We had to deposit Rs. 10k as safety money for 2 bikes. But this amount is usually negotiable depending on the company and can go as low as Rs. 1-2k. We took one Royal Enfield Bullet 500 and one Avenger 220, but there are cheaper bikes avalable too. International license is NOT needed, Bangladeshi license will do.

Darjeeling is open again after 104 days of strike. Super comfortable weather in October, breathtaking Kanchonjangha, amazing reasonable food in restaurants like Keventer’s and Glenary’s which have been in Darjeeling for 140 years! Want to go there again before my visa expires

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