PARO international airport

The breathtaking PARO international airport surrounded by peaks heightening around 5500 m. The airport itself stands on a height of 2000m+ from the sea level.

How to go -> Dhaka-Burimari-Phuentsholling-Paro(by road)
Dhaka-Paro (by air)

We went there by road by ourselves, not from any agency. first, we took the transit visa of INDIA as we have to go through their land. After getting visa, we headed for Changrabandha, crossed the border and headed for Jaigaon. Jaigaon is the Indian portion of Bhutan Borderland.
Then completing all the formalities, we hired a taxi for next 5 days for 12000rupee and headed towards Thimpu. we stayed there that night.
Next day completed our THIMPU sightseeing.(the food cost in Thimpu is way to HIGH)
And again the next day we headed for Punakha, visited the Punakha dzong and their suspension bridge. (things here is a bit less expensive then Thimpu). while on route to Punakha we stopped at the do Chula pass. we got our first snow there.
and the next day we went to Paro. it took about 1-1.5 hours to reach there. and the first thing we saw after getting a hotel, is this, airport viewpoint.

Truly is an amazing place. Our total cost was around 25k including the up down bus fare to Siliguri from Dhaka.(we also visited Darjeeling)

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