Sajek Valley, Rangamati

lhamdulillah, It was a great trip in Sajek Valley, Rangamati. I went there by my car and stayed at Runmoy Resort which is administering by Bangladesh Army and very secured if you prefer to go with family members. Runmoy resort allows everyone to stay there throughout the year by paying advance tariff to book room through their website. Food quality was very good with affordable price. Many of you asked me to take pictures of the room so here I’m uploading few pictures of the room where we stayed. One thing I’d like to inform you all that there is a beautiful waterfall which is kinda 1000-1200 feet below from the ground where Runmoy Resort is located and we had to go down for one hour to find that with the help of local guide. Unfortunately I can not post the pictures of the waterfall now as I forgot to collect them from my friend :/

I’d like to express my gratitude to brother Shaheen Kamal and other members of this group for helping me to arrange this trip successfully. Please feel free to comment below if you need information regarding Sajek valley.

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