Literally I was out of the world for last 3 days. Today I’ve reached to the ground level. Alhamdulillah. I have been to one of the most high altitude inhabited towns (3500mtr) of the world i.e. Leh within Jammu & Kashmir state of India and not so easy to communicate with outside world unless you are registered with SIM connectivity. Unfortunately last 3 days during my stay, entire town was out of Internet connection and temperature was in between -10 to -13 degree Celsius. So many things to share with my group members when I reach back to my home country. This experience I won’t forget in my lifetime for sure. As a token gift to my TOB members, here is an unforgettable moment that I captured for you. It’s called Sangam Point where Sindhu river and Sindhu river meet. In Ladakhi saying, only the best of the friends and worst of the enemies visit Ladakh.

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